The gems of Chester from the Middle Ages

ulica w Chester

Chester – a beautiful, extremely charming town, in which the idea of „a history which takes your breath away ” is most justified.  Chester is one of the crowning jewels of Britain.

stare budynki w chester
Charm of centuries…

Built by Romans more than 2000 years ago, Chester was predicted to be the capital city of the Roman Empire on the islands. Romans occupied the town in 79 A.D and built their own fortress ( Castra Devana) called „Deva” after the local river Dee.

rzeka Dee i most
River Dee

In the Middle Ages the town was the economic and political centre – life flourished in the town, a cathedral, a castle, rich – merchant houses and defense walls were built. What is most incredible, most of this architecture remains in perfect condition to this day. In the 16th century, the town underwent another development in the form of a Racecourse, which has helped to put Chester firmly on the map of British history.

Racecourse in Chester

English in Chester

Two weeks spent in the magical town, with new encounters with people from around the world and english as the only common language.It was my idea to visit England with the hope of learning the language amongst a group of my middle aged peers. To find out more about learning english abroad and connecting with new people, you can read the following article: Angielski dla dorosłych w Chester.

Here are a few worthwhile points, of course connected with history, which you should remember.

Meet me at the Cross

Medieval streets built in rows are unique to Chester. Four streets meet at the Cross (similar to polish Mickiewicz in Kraków) – a meeting place for all the locals and tourists. Chester is one of the best kept towns in Britain with its historic black-and-white buildings.

ludzie wokół obelisku i człowiek grający na skrzypach
At the Cross – place for a date or a moment with music

It is worthwhile to note the facades of the houses in the historic centre: houses of a couple storeys with characteristic features.

On the ground floor there are usually shops or bars, above them terraces, and inside you will find more shops.

wysoka kamienica z charakterystyczną dla budynków średniowiecznych
Typical house in center of Chester

A tour of the walls

A walk along the Medieval walls surrounding the town, which were built on solid roman foundations, should begin in the most famous place in Chester: Eastgate (the gate above Foregate Street), easily recognized by the famous clock, which is nearby.

stare mury a w dole kanał
Anglia – spacer po murach

A two mile walk around the town, along the best kept walls in all of Britain, is the most incredible and intimate way to soak up the atmosphere, before exploring the town further (unfortunately, in 2017, a part of the wall is being refurbished).

Lucky stairs

A medieval bridge, called Handbridge, which hangs over the river and invites you to walk across.

stary most z cegły nad rzeką
Old bridge

After crossing to the other side, you will find yourself in a place not so popular, but hugely fascinating due to the presence of the ruins of an ancient church and unusual structure of rocks – with ochra colours as can be seen in Roussillon.

A picturesque image of the country idyll opens up just past a small park: fields of grazing cows and sheep extend over the horizon, full of blanket covered horses running over pastures.

kolorowa skała w barwach ochry
Colorful rocks

While continuing our walk along the walls after the bridge, we will come across another extraordinary place: a set of stairs said to bring luck.

We need to do very little for our dreams to come true. First, you must stand facing the river Dee and look out at the falls, which separate the salt from the water – and picture your dreams.

Close your eyes and turn around three times. Next run up and down the stairs, and wait for your wishes to come true. Most importantly, choose the correct set of stairs – they are highlighted by signs on the wall. It won`t hurt to try!

tablica z napisem
Anglia – pomóżmy szczęściu wypatrując tabliczki na murze

Daniel Craig – the famous James Bond – comes from Chester.

Photos best describe the uniqueness of Chester …

Useful information

  • Chester is located about 40 minutes from Liverpool airport and around an hour from Manchester airport.
  • Tourist information:Town Hall Northgate Street Tel: +44 (0) 1244 402 111
  • Tickets for the bus can be bought on the bus. You can buy a week ticket, but bare in mind it is only valid with one operator and in Chester, there are a few.
  • Unfortunately, I wanted to save, but i lost my money in this way – my X8 bus from Liverpool was always late, and I had to take the X30 to be on time. Of course, this was a different operator which meant another ticket.
  • In England, people queue for the bus – pushing in is not welcome.

And especially for my friends from school in Chester…

To read more about the atmosphere in England and Wales, and also about English school for adults and seniors click the link:

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Text was translated with help from Susan.

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